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The second venue - the Organ hall in Kondopoga

The organ Hall of the Arts Palace can contain 400 listeners (64 of them in the gallery).

The main attraction of the Arts Palace is two separated organs (Rudolf von Beckerath company, Germany): the big multipurpose organ, which is made according to the technology of 19th century (is counted as the biggest in the North-West of Russia) and the small French organ which is made according to the French Baroque technology – the first instrument in Russia this type.



The Cultural centre of the Pulp-and-paper plant was built in 1937 in Kondopoga. During many decades it was the centre of the town cultural life. Under its guidance there were lots of amateur ensembles, who specialized in different spheres: from choreography to choirs. In 1989 Vitalii Aleksandrovich Federmesser became the head of the Pulp-and-paper plant. During the 20 years of his direction he improved not only the work of the plant, but also the social and the cultural life of the town. At his initiative the Cultural centre was closed for the reconstruction in 1996 and in 2000 it was reopened as a gorgeous Arts Palace with two organs. 

Now in the Arts Palace are held both amateur performances and an International festival of organ music “Grande Orgue”.

In summer 2017 at the initiative of Artur Parfenchikov, the Head of the Republic of Karelia, the Arts Palace became the belonging of the Republic and came to the guidance of the Karelian state philharmonic. Now it’s the second venue of the philharmonic concerts. The first philharmonic season opened in Kondopoga on 16th October in 2017. At the Arts Palace’s stage performed the Symphonic orchestra – conductor Anatolii Rybalko and the eminent musicians: Boris Andrianov (cello), Iliia Gringolts (violin), Dmitrii Illarionov (guitar).